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Do you have experience with systematic strategies, trading liquid securities: equities, etf, fx and futures? And are you someone with an entrepreneurial mindset who want to build a career in systematic trading? Then, join us as a trading partner. You may be located anywhere. We are currently working with trading partners in the US, Europe and Asia.

What we offer
We offer an opportunity to bring your trading strategies into an institutional environment and build your own track record. If you are successful, this may offer you a path to your own systematic trading fund!

We provide capital and leverage that increases on performance. We are also motivated to assist with advice and development support to help you improve and grow.

We have a complete cloud-based trading environment that includes:
• Market data – level 1 and 2 tick data
• Development environment for forward testing prior to live trading
• Automated execution through attractive arrangements with prime brokers
• Real-time and transparent reporting

How it works
You will first provide us with daily back-testing results. If there is a fit with our portfolio we would work with you to arrange forward testing of your strategy. At the same time, we agree a ‘Strategy Mandate’ that covers risk and return expectations, allocation path and future growth options.

We don’t require you to provide capital, but initial profits are first allocated to build a buffer that acts as a first loss for your and only your strategy.
Thereafter, the trader receives 25% of net profits with a quarterly payout.

Intellectual property
We have two modes: ‘Black Box’ where the IP is fully retained by the trader; and ‘Joint Development’ where we work with the trader to develop and improve their strategies in which case both parties have rights of use.

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