Our Vision

Noviscient is a technology-led investment manager that is focused on performance, fully aligned with its investors and completely transparent in its incentives, structure and trading. Our investors trust us and see Noviscient at the vanguard of change coming to the industry.

We have three strengths that define our innovative approach to investment management: technology, partnering and alignment.

  • Technology is integral to our funds and our business. By automating processes we reduce costs and improve reliability. We apply machine learning to improve our fund performance and business efficiency.
  • We are a small team at the centre of a large constellation of global partners (trading, investing, technology and education). We help our partners develop and grow and they choose to work with us. We are building a community of people interested in how we do things
  • Our structure and incentives are designed to ensure we are always fully aligned with our investors – upside and downside.


What we do


The core of our business is developing liquid, systematic funds that address investor's problems of low alignment, poor performance and high costs.


We work with best in breed financial services partners and build technology to support our trading partners and to continuously improve our fund performance. As we position ourselves as a thought leader, we are open to share our technology and knowledge with the industry.>solutions website


Building a thought leadership position by training and presenting on machine learning and systematic trading. This helps us identify and attract trading, technology and business partners.