Alpha Partner Introduction


What We Do

At Noviscient, we are introducing a new business model for the investment management industry. We want to provide investors with access to quality portfolios of emerging hedge fund strategies from around the world without the high search costs, while giving emerging managers access to larger pools of capital.

How We Operate

We partner with hedge funds and trading groups (we call them alpha partners) to create alpha for investors. Our partners send their trading signals to our platform. We allocate capital to the strategies internally and provide trade execution, reporting and analytics. We pay our selected strategies an annualised performance fee of 20% on a quarterly basis with a high-water mark.


Benefits of Partnering With Noviscient

This approach provides significant benefits to you, our alpha partner:


You can focus on your trading strategies while we take care of operational and reporting infrastructure as well as fund-raising.


We open up access to capital from institutional investors who otherwise cannot invest in small funds.


We do not require disclosure of your IP (algorithms or code) or lock you in to us.


 You receive an independently verified, trade-level track record of your strategy.

We Are Interested In Strategies That:


Trade in exchange markets (equities, futures, exchange-traded options) and FX;


Are market-neutral and preferably systematic;


Have a track record of a typically two years or more.


Where We Are

Noviscient is a Singapore-based investment manager and has been allocating proprietary capital to our early alpha partners since 2017. We are currently sourcing external capital via fund and managed account structures.

We are actively looking to build relationships with high quality alpha partners who are interested in being part of the future of investment management.

Next Steps

Our first product, the Pure Alpha Fund, was launched in July 2020. As part of our ongoing partnership, we will keep you updated on our capital raising efforts and provide regular feedback on your strategy performance. Progressively we will allocate more capital to the selected strategies according to our proprietary machine learning algorithm.

As an alpha partner, you are expected to:

Share basic information about your strategy (instruments, philosophy, risk management, etc.)
Submit your track-record (daily returns) and update the returns each month
When appropriate, connect to our infrastructure by sending trading signals via API to our simulation trading environment to ensure the process is ready when the strategy goes live

Onboarding Process

Alpha partner onboarding involves three broad steps.

Set up: We learn about your strategy and its fit with portfolios of our investors
  • Submit basic information of strategy and a track record of at least two years daily returns
  • Telephone call to discuss fit of strategy
  • Review and sign NDA and Alpha Partner agreement
  • Complete our online evaluation form with more detailed information
Assessment: We monitor performance of the strategy and start to arrange connectivity
  • Continue to update your track record on a monthly basis
  • Connect to our API and test your strategy in simulation environment
  • KYC on Alpha Partner and set up of payment arrangements
Trading: We run live trading on minimum capital for a month before scaling up
  • Incubate your strategy with minimal amount of capital
  • Live trading


We are excited about the opportunity to reimagine investment management and look forward to embarking on this journey with you.
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